Social media manager

Are you our future expert on everything that comes to social & digital media? Creation, copywriting, community management and campaigning have no secrets for you? Then we bet you’ve already liked, shared and tweeted The Blacklist Application. We can’t blame you, we did the same!

Your (social) profile:

  • You are responsible for scheduling, writing, posting, boosting & tracking our, and our client’s social media content and advertising
  • You have a great feeling for relevant, original, and high-quality content. Yes, we mean Gifs.
  • You connect our creatives, copywriters and community, in order to communicate our clients’ story to their customers.
  • You are extremely motivated, creative, and hyper-connected (ignore those notifications that just popped up on your phone).
  • You inspire the team with new technological insights./li>
  • You understand that digital should leave much more than just an impression.

If this sounds like the kind of magic you want to be a part of on a daily basis, then you may be the Social Media Manager for us. And, most importantly, you will do all of this from our newly renovated office in Ghent.

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Tell us why you want to work at Gutzandglory, only at Gutzandglory, and nowhere else. (Until death do us part and well, you get the point).