Art director

Look around... What do you see? Would you like to put most of the people around you on a a blacklist? Then maybe it’s time to start thinking of a new place to work ...

Does the workplace of your dreams look like an agency full of creative & highly-talented ad people? A company where creatives, account people, digital project managers & designers collaborate on a daily basis to create work that meets our client’s needs? If so, keep reading...

At Gutzandglory, all those fabulous people can be your teammates. And they will know you as a strong Art Director who thinks concept first, format second. Someone who realizes that a great idea is what’s truly important—not whether it’s digital or traditional.

You want to work with teammates to come up with excellent work that pushes you and your clients forward? If that is what you’re interested in, great, so are we.

Are you the Art Director we have been waiting for?

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in a national & creative advertising agency.
  • You think extremely integrated & are convinced every touchpoint can bring something special to an idea.
  • You think on, off, above, below, through, whatever the line.
  • You want to create strong work, together with our Copywriter.
  • You get a kick out of a good idea but also from flawless execution.
  • You would like your work to be seen.
  • You want to stand on a podium. In the South of France, for instance...

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