Current vacant positions
at gutzandglory

Strategic Planner
Experienced & bright strategic
all-rounder needed
Social Media Manager
You are our social media rockstar
Account Manager
You manage everything,
at anytime, at any place
Art Director
You have a strong creative
and inspiring vision
Digital Project Manager
You are the contact point for
'all things digital'
Be the best intern
the world has ever seen!

What's the Blacklist Application?

A smart and safe browser extension that puts all Belgian ad agencies on a blacklist (except Gutzandglory, naturally). You will no longer have access to those ad agencies’ websites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, other jobsites,... etc. But why would you need them anyway if you’re applying – and we mean really applying yourself – to get a position at Gutzandglory?

Dedication deserves to be rewarded! Our vacant positions will be unlocked and you can apply for the job of your choice.

How does it work?

Install the Blacklist Application

All Belgian ad agencies are then put on a blacklist

Vacant positions are unlocked and you can apply for them

Impress us at the job interview and join Gutzandglory

Install the
Blacklist Application